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April fools jokes

April fools jokes

April 04, 2015 | 3 Minute Read |

April 1st is like Xmas for media and tech companies. Every year, companies rush to exhibit theirs most awesome products. A quick Google search reveals hundreds of those tech revolutions launched in this time of the year.

This year was no different. Despite the usual list of fake products, some companies as Google and Microsoft provided us the funniest surprises:

  • Microsoft launched MS-DOS mobile version enabling you to travel back in time.
  • Google Maps enabled the Pacman mode where you can play the classic game Pacman in everyday streets. Awesome!

But let’s review some of the most hilarious products of the day:

Tinder for Uber (or Uber for Tinder)

A two in one, Tinder for Uber and Uber for Tinder, used two of the most iconic apps nowadays to play with users. Can you imagine yourself flirting with your Uber driver?

CERN researchers confirm existence of the Force

This is probably my favorite, when CERN confirmed the existence of the force in its website. What if the force was real? What if you could be master Yoda?

Mirrored Google

Although not available anymore, Google provided a mirrored version of its search engine in an alternative link at, maintaining the tradition of surprising its users.

Retro Gentoo

Gentoo announced total website makeover with a retro style. Have you taken a look?


Google mail

It’s impossible to find a group of developers where the at least one of them doesn’t contain a Gmail account (Apple and Microsoft employees not included). But what about the mailbox of the future? A physical mailbox with features like spam filters and smart folders, or mobile notifications.

Goodbye parentheses

When introduced to Lisp-family programming languages, it’s pretty usual that new programmers start complaining about the syntax. And in facts it’s very easy to end up closing several parentheses:

(defun factorial (n)
  (if (<= n 1)
    (* n (factorial (- n 1)))))

With that in mind, Clochure was presented as an improved Clojure with a set of great advantages.

Google, Google, and more Google

Google must be the most highlighted company in April fools. Besides already presented launchings, Google also gets referenced about purchasing Dubai islands just for creating an archipelago with Google logo design.


Samsung Galaxy Blade

Have you ever though on going to the Facebook when preparing the salad? With Samsung Galaxy Blade it could be possible, although I do not recommend to use sharp knifes when getting distracted by your friends on social networks…


And many others

Many other jokes gave me a good laugh. For instance, a new compressing algorithm that could compress any file to a single bit, enabling to download and store the full internet, in a single bit! And have you ever thought the simple action of going to the bathroom could be the next social network? Well, someone did… Or what about improving wireless reception through the smell?

You can check these and many other funny releases on Hacker News and Tech Crunch