Spaghetti and Hammers

About me

Software Engineer. Lisbon.

  • Pedro Rijo, MSc in Computer Science from Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon.
  • Functional Programming and Scala. Eager to learn new cool stuff!
  • Currently working at Hofy, empowering businesses to hire anywhere in the world.
  • Former backend developer at Onfido, improving fraudulent id document detection.
  • Former fullstack developer at TripAdvisor, helping travelers all around the world.
  • Also worked as a product engineer at Feedzai, junior software developer at Codacy, and FenixEdu.

Also, a morning person. :swimmer: :swimmer: :swimmer:

Office dresscode
What did the detective duck say to his partner?
I hope we Quack this case. :hatching_chick::hatched_chick::baby_chick:
If the computer doesn't run it, it's broken. If people can't read it, it will be broken. Soon. Charlie Martin