Spaghetti and Hammers

Personal Projects

Your first projects aren't the greatest things in the world, and they may have no money value, they may go nowhere, but that is how you learn.
Steve Wozniak

  • Get notified when GitHub and Bitbucket are down. Get your notification through Slack, Hipchat, or by Email.

  • While looking for some fun idea to implement using the Play Framework, I came across the Like Creeper, and decided to implement a clone that uses the Instagram API. Also, took the opportunity to create an app for getting some statistics about Instagram relationships.

  • EuroMillions in Scala is a project that can create random or semi-random tickets for the most popular lottery in Europe (EuroMillions), and it provides a functionality for getting the last draw results, as well as check results for your tickets.

  • Lighthouse-keeper is a side project created just to play with Yo API after a very interesting talk by Or Arbel at GoYouth Conference 2015 in Lisbon.
    Written in Python, it allows to notify a website manager through Yo or email when the website is down. Not error proof, but made it just to play with Yo API.

  • Commit 4 dummies is a side project I've developed to help me detecting junk code before committing it. It is based on Git Hooks and it is written in Python. The hook search for words that should be defined in the configuration file, allowing to be easily adopted to any language.

  • Codebits API - Scala & Java (2015)
    Sapo Codebits is the biggest tech event in Portugal, and it happens every year around April. It provides an API so I wrote two wrappers for it: one in Scala and other in Java.

  • Scala calculator (2014)
    A simple command line calculator written in Scala. It handles complex additions, subtractions, multiplication, and division. It also supports power operations but contains a bug on operations priorities.

  • Tic-tac-toe (2014)
    Tic-tac-toe is a worldwide known 2-players game that consists in a 3x3 matrix. One player uses the 'X' symbol, while the other uses the 'O'. The goal is to conquer 3 matrix cells that form a line (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal).
    This project presents a command line interface for playing this awesome game.

  • Java Utils (2014)
    Some Java utilities I made somewhere during my course. With newer Java versions some code started to not make sense and it was removed, but I still find my CountableMap useful for some small tasks. Besides that, methods for calculating Fibonacci numbers or removing white spaces from Strings are still alive. But if you intend to use something similar on your projects maybe you should check libraries like Apache StringUtils.

  • Scala 99 Problems (2014)
    Scala 99 Problems is an adaptation of the 99 Prolog Problems. Similar to Project Euler, it is a nice challenge for practising some problem-solving skills, in this case using Scala. Many of the challenges can be easily solved using Scala language features, but you should try to find a 'manual' solution.

  • Euler (2014)
    The Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical and computer programming problems with more than 500 levels currently, where you can use the programming language you want. I started this challenge because it sounded fun, but at some level it was much more about mathematical properties that I've never heard about, so I stopped solving more challenges. Nevertheless, it was a nice project to practice Python (in my case) !
    I have the code on a Bitbucket repository but it is private, because the challenge is all about do it yourself, not to find solutions on the web. If you want to discuss/compare solutions contact me and I'll gladly give you access.